INSIDIOUS DISEASE Join Nuclear Blast & Announce New Album

Death metal formation Insidious Disease, featuring current/former members from Dimmu Borgir, Morgoth, Nile, Old Man’s Child, Napalm Death, etc, have joined Nuclear Blast Records and announce the release of their long-awaited second full-length effort, After Death (coming out in the near future). Today, the band has revealed the cover artwork by Dan Seagrave and released a new track, called “Enforcers Of The Plague”.

“Groovy Greetings! Due to some obvious recent events, we’re a bit behind schedule on the new Insidious Disease album,” says guitarist Silenoz. “But here’s a taste of matured, chunky flesh for you to sink your teeth into! What could go better with the current times than a cut like “Enforcers of The Plague”?! Furthermore we’re very proud to announce our new home with Nuclear Blast Records and while we await the album release date to be announced in the near future, make sure to check in on our anti-social platforms to stay up to date on more incoming news! We will resume with further brutality when this virus shit is dealt with!”


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