VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENT Debut New Track Featuring Zac Bergholtz Of WHORETOPSY

Slamming death metal band Visions of Disfigurement have a new album, “Aeons of Misery”, due out in about a month, and today they’ve dropped the first single, “Chains of Consciousness”. The song features Zac Bergholtz, of the band Whoretopsy.

The “Aeons of Misery” track listing reads:

1. The Body Farm
2. Unimpaired Depravity
3. Aeons of Misery
4. Depraved Cognitive Deformation Ft. Lukas Swiaczny from Stillbirth
5. Kadingir Sanctum
6. Spawning Putrefaction
7. Chains of Consciousness Ft. Zac Bergholtz from Whoretopsy
8. Citadel of Flesh
9. Perpetual Torment Ft. Meik Grziwa from Begging for Incest
10. Pandemonium
11. Plague

The full album will be available on June 8th via Realityfade Records.



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