(HED) P.E. Unveil Details Of Upcoming Album

(hed) p.e. have shared first details for their new studio record. The yet-untitled effort will be released on August 22, 2020 and will feature 10 songs. Complete tracklist can be found below. Other details to follow.

Comment the band:

“Next record: drums, bass, guitar, vocals (turned off the autotune btw). I mean, i had no idea some of yall would hate so much, but your comments made it back to me, and so on this one we took it back to that thrashy, punky vibe. A definite gpunk feel to this next one. Its finished and about to be mastered. I fucking love it. I trust you will as well.

“I can’t say this will be the last (hed) p.e. record, but it will be the last one for a while. I’ll explain later…anyway, here is the track listing.”

Tracklist as follows:

01. Firstblood
02. Watchitburn
03. Nodaysoff
04. Deathawaits
05. Lastcall
06. Oletimesake
07. Greedygirl
08. Nl4 (The Ballad Of C19)
09. Wtp
10. Overdue



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