SIGH To Re-Release ‘Scorn Defeat’ Album

Scorn Defeat, the 1993 genre classic debut of eastern darkness from Japan’s black metal purveyors Sigh will be re-released as 2 CD version and on 180g white vinyl LP. Includes bonus rare demo & rough mix tracks & full live show, plus booklet interview with mainman Mirai Kawashima. Pre-ordrers available at this location.

Mirai Kawashima, Sigh mainman comments:

Scorn Defeat is a magical album. Now we are more mature musicians with much more knowledge about music and better playing ability, but (or maybe I should say “therefore”) if we re-recorded it now, the album wouldn’t sound any better, as all the magic would be lost.
What delights me the most is that the album we recorded almost 30 years ago is still loved and being newly re-released like this, which we never expected back then.
This special release makes me proud and makes my life as a musician something meaningful.”



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