ISENGARD To Release First Album In 25 Years, Details Revealed

Isengard, a solo-project from Darkthrone‘s Fenriz back in 90’s, announce the release of the new studio album Vårjevndøgn this autumn. Isengard’s first music in 25 years will land in stores on 2nd of October through Peaceville Records on CD, LP and digital and is available for pre-order here.

A few words from Fenriz:

“Ladies and Gentlemen metal maniacs, it’s Fenriz here. It has been 25 years since the last one but finally my 3rd solo album has materialized on this earth. All tracks in the old trusty Necrohell studio soundscape as well.

“Isengard as usual has a soundscape that needs cooperation from the listener to work with, it is not already chewed up and swallowed, here we all have to chip in and hack away to unearth our personal treasures. And this is one of the traits we call CULT METAL, the realm for those of us that enjoy lots of personality and authenticity.”

Track listing:

01. Cult Metal
02. Dragon Fly (Proceed Upon The Journey)
03. Floating With The Ancient Tide
04. The Fright
05. A Shape In The Dark
06. Slash At The Sun
07. Rockemillion
08. The Light
09. The Solar Winds Mantra



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