BRUTALITY Officially Disband

Florida based death metal bringers Brutality have decided to disband after 34 long years of existence. The band’s official statement on this matter awaits below.

Statement from the band as follows:

“After 34 years, all the demos, EP’s and albums. We have decided to finally say it’s time to stop on a good note. Brutality will no longer be performing as a band.

“We would like to thank all of our fans that have supported us over all this time. You have been the reason we were able to do any of it. Although we haven’t been the biggest band we have the most loyal fans in metal.

“We also want to thank all of the artists, designers, merchandise companies and Independent record labels that have been so gracious to provide their services sometimes at no cost simply because they were fans as well. We are lucky to have had such dedicated people on our side. ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO A END!”



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