MORGOTH Call It Quits

Back in 2018, German death metal machine Morgoth decided to go an indefinite hiatus. Now, the official news surfaced that they’ve called it quits. Full statement from the band is available below.

Announcement from Morgoth:

” It’s already been 2,5 years since our last updates and the announcement of an indefinite hiatus in regards to any band activities. Time surely flies!

“In the meantime and after much deliberation, we can now announce that we have indeed reached the end of the road for Morgoth.
It’s been an interesting and challenging ride since the band’s initial reunion and we will forever cherish all of the incredible experiences and great memories from these years. We thank ALL OF YOU for that!

“Please keep enjoying and supporting the music that will forever remain out there for all of us. Best of wishes for a hopefully good/better new year 2021…Stay safe and stay heavy! MORGOTH (1987 – 2020).”



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