DARK ANGEL Announce New Album Update

Dark Angel drummer Gene Hoglan recently gave a lengthy update on the band’s long-awaited fifth studio album on his Twitch channel, confirming that they are still working on the record but doesn’t expect it to be released prior to 2022, when the band resumes playing shows. The new Dark Angel record will be the first studio album from the band since 1991’s Time Does Not Heal.

Hoglan clarified:

“Yeah [Dark Angel is] still alive. We had a lot of shows booked in 2021, we had to push those back to 2022. But yeah man, we’re still, you know, working on that old Dark Angel record. It’s challenging, I will freely admit. Twitch has taken up any sort of creativity I’ve had for hunkering down and writing a record, and when I write albums, when I work on stuff, I disappear, man. I turn into that old Metallica song – “I Disappear”. You know, and so…you know, in order for stuff to really start moving forward, I would have to disappear from streaming for a good four-to-six-months kinda thing. So we’ll see how that all works out. Everything works out for Hoglan in the end. I never sweat anything, man, I’m never in a hurry. I am like Paulie Cicero, that guy don’t move fast. That guy don’t have to move for nobody, [it’s] kinda how I live my life there.”

Hoglan was also asked if the new Dark Angel album will finally surface next year. His response was:

“I can tell you about the shows. I can flat out, pretty much guarantee you there won’t be a new Dark Angel album before then. You know, that means…like I said, I could go away from Twitch for six months, hunker down and just get’r done, but that’s been challenging.”



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