ECTOPLASMA – Inferna Kabbalah

Greek based outfitters Ectoplasma are a death metal band that’s been making a name for themselves within the underground music scene. For being around nearly a decade in the bands existence, these guys have released three full-length albums, several EPs and one demo under their belt. Now, Inferna Kabbalah is the fourth full-length recording by these Greek death metal crafters and is released on Memento Mori and Rotten Life. Musically, take influences from American and Dutch death metal bands anywhere from Asphyx, Immolation, Obituary, Possessed and Cancer but with a energized, contemporary and old school death metal sound that will not only satisfy fans of the genre but musically and sonically speaking Inferna Kabbalah is filled with fantastic guitar melodies, decent bass tone, audible drums, stellar vocal deliveries and their ability in creating such relentless and suffocating signatures of death metal surely meets the eye.

From the bone-chilling and disgusting passages of Infestation Of Atrocious Hunger, Desecration Of The Christian Existence and Appalling Abomination to the muddy, organic and almost progressive styled arrangements of Filth-Ridden Flesh, these tracks provide a crystal clear production and the instrumentals give it a unpolished tone in which these members want to make such symbolic, authentic and almost melodically driven soundscapes which make it clear that the influences being borrowed by Morta Skuld, Baphomet, Demigod, Grave and Asphyx give the album a much more energetic, grimy and a unabashed statement that Ectoplasma is bringing back that classic death metal sound when the genre started to find its footing. Inferna Kabbalah is a horrified, lifeless and refined album that showcases the band’s best and tightest records Ectoplasma has done to date and definitely a contender for best albums of 2022.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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