PARTY CANNON – Volumes Of Vomit

Bring out your humorous attitude and bongs because Scottish’s brutal death metal band Party Cannon are back and this time, they’ve brought the party and created some of the most sickest, hilarious samples and slams are back with 2022’s Gore House Productions sophomore full-length Volumes Of Vomit. After the debut of Bong Hit Hospitalization, this album is the next continuation as they’ve maintained the same style musically but some of these songs are somewhat better progressively. Their music is best described as “Party Slam” and while the logo looks like it came from a 90’s school lunch box the songs and brutality is what we all came for.

From the monstrous death/grind styled vocals to the roaring, gagging, croaking horror behind the mic and a dexterous and murderous bunch manning the instrumental armaments, the band rampage and pound, grind and slam, swarm and slaughter, with bloodthirsty intensity the silly visuals and ridiculous song titles are used to grab your attention, but the substance of their material is as socially conscious as anything you’d expect to hear from this band.

Party Cannon match equal parts brutality with socially conscious subject matter as songs like Naked Beach Frenzy, Electric Soldier Porygon and The Dirty Bubble features guttural cookie monster growls, blast beats, token harmonic squeals, and general viscera spread across these tracks with intestine wrapped abandon could collide one by one as I felt this could be a perfect mixture of groove, technicality and melodic at times where I detect influences from Devourment, Disgorge and other bands in the genre. Volumes Of Vomit is a delightful treat for brutal death metal fans and don’t let the album cover fool you but the music is what grabs the listeners attention.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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