VANSIND Sign Worldwide Deal With Uprising Records

Uprising Records continue expanding its family and are proud to announce the signing of the Danish folk metal band Vansind. The seven-piece group from Slagelse is already making some ripples in the domestic scene with merely two singles and one EP released in the last few months and it’s now time to take the next step and bring them to the international scene with a full length studio album. After the completion of ‘Den Farefulde Tour’ in the autumn of 2021, Vansind is now ready for the next voyage.

Statement from Vansind as follows:

“We are happy to announce, that we have signed an agreement with UPRISING! Records for the release of our debut full-length album, which we are currently working on and expect to record during 2022. Target’s position as a forerunner in the Danish metal community, including folk metal, makes us believe that this is the next logical step that can bring Vansind further out to all our danish and foreign listeners. We are certain that this cooperation with UPRISING! Records will be beneficial for us both, and we are eager to see what we can achieve together.”


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