Parallaxiom is the official title of the newly announced fourth studio album from the Ohio-based one-man death metal project, The Wakedead Gathering. Due out July 15th via I, Voidhanger Records, it was mixed and mastered by the band’s mastermind Andrew Lampe. Check out the album’s track, “Recessive Society”, serving as a first taste of what to expect.

With Parallaxiom, The Wakedead Gathering tell a dark sci-fi story, set in a gray and dystopian future in which genetic tests allow an authoritarian state to determine whether an unborn person will commit crimes as an adult. “Those deemed most unsuitable for society are immediately executed or jailed for further study,” Andrew Lampe explains; “however, this is not a perfect science. Several individuals flee and later turn their attention to the destruction of this unnatural state.”



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