TRËMA – A L’aurore Du Crépuscule

French based atmospheric/post-black metal project Trëma was formed in the year 2022 and have unleashed the debut full-length album of A l’aurore du crépuscule which means at the dawn of dusk in French. Musically, this is a blend of atmospheric black metal with post and depressive signatures which is a genre that I have started to get more appreciation since I have a fair share of certain bands within that hybrid. Right off the bat, the instrumentation work is superb with everything from the howling, depraved and saddened style vocal deliveries to the audible bass and guitars to drums giving a melancholic, comfortable and stylish sound makes these songs feel arcane, atmospheric, depressive and the soundscapes are filled with such celestial like entities where I truly feel each song represents such a unique personality and the tonality upon listening to this record is absolutely flawless start to finish.

The melodies, harmonics and experimentations is all over the place with the tracks giving everything it has to make the listener feel intertwined into such a cathartic, unearthly and unsettling mood swings to feel you aren’t alone in this universe. The diversity on the album as previously said above is one of the biggest highlights while listening to the album simply because each track has such a progressive dynamic keeping the fluidity and compositions feel tighter and naturalistic sounding especially on tracks such as Les accalmies, Animal and Peisithanatos where they feel like they would belong in a horrifying soundtrack since I noticed there’s some doom passageways in the mix but also having structures of depressive suicidal black metal tendencies as if you were to take Forgotten Tomb, Silencer and The Ruins Of Beverast put it in a blender stir it all in and you’ll get the best results possible. I was pleasantly surprised in hearing this album and I’m glad I was because if you’re fans of atmospheric black with post and depressive influences then France’s Trëma is definitely the project you should dive into.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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