SOL SISTERE Premiere Lyric Video For New Track

Chilean atmospheric black metal band Sol Sistere premiered a new song and lyric video titled “Nothofagus” from their upcoming new self-titled album, which will be out in stores on October 15th through Cult of Parthenope.  


IN ASYMMETRY – Ashes Of Dead Worlds

In Asymmetry are a technical death metal band from Concepción, Chile that’s been around in the underground scene since 2017 and after getting the promo for this debut full-length album released on Comatose Music titled Ashes Of Dead Worlds, this is an absolute hellfire and brimstone release front to back. Now first things first, the instrumentation, craftsmanship, detail and musicianship displayed is seriously top notch as this band really demonstrated carefully to their advantage making the music feel fiercer, better […]



Chile-based progressive metalcore band The Antarctica Project have released a new single, titled “Ominous Valley”. The song is textbook progressive metalcore/djent, so if you don’t like that, this won’t win you over. However, it’s a great djent song, and should be right up anyone’s alley who enjoys this style. About the single, the band had the following to say: “Ominous Valley is finally available. The release of this song means the beginning of a new stage to this band. We’d […]