IN ASYMMETRY – Ashes Of Dead Worlds

In Asymmetry are a technical death metal band from Concepción, Chile that’s been around in the underground scene since 2017 and after getting the promo for this debut full-length album released on Comatose Music titled Ashes Of Dead Worlds, this is an absolute hellfire and brimstone release front to back. Now first things first, the instrumentation, craftsmanship, detail and musicianship displayed is seriously top notch as this band really demonstrated carefully to their advantage making the music feel fiercer, better produced and the progression these musicians utilized in is out of bounds.

Musically, this band takes wide variety and branches to incorporate brutal death metal signatures while maintaining the technical death metal style the band is surely known for as it feels like I’ve been listening to other bands on the spectrum anywhere from Decrepit Birth, Disavowed, Brain Drill and Deeds Of Flesh due to the magnificent abilities and talent from their pummeling drum fills, solid guitar melodies, infectious bass tones, and vocals bringing that old school sounding flair gives it a nice punch bringing back the devilish harmonies and relentless tracks to make sure you get an idea what In Asymmetry’s music is all about.

From the moments of hearing tracks such as Hatred Towards The Holy Creature, Whom Prey On The Weak, In My Own Image And Likeness and their cover for Deeds Of Flesh’s Sense Of The Diabolic challenges the listener on every level to feel overwhelmed and sucked in to their own creations as the secondary half of the album tends to have massive, yet aggressive tendencies and killer compositional work as every member provided give their finest hour showcasing the growth and talent to make sure every instrument sound gives it a nice structure and a balance so evenly that this album feels more matured and comprehended than other releases in 2021 for the technical brutal death metal community. Ashes Of Dead Worlds will continue to pay homage and tribute where its rightfully due and if you’re fans of technical brutal death metal or any band on the Comatose Music roster, In Asymmetry will be mentioned in the extreme metal world for years to come.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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