Groove Metal

SEPULTURA Release New Track

Groove metal outfit Sepultura have released a new single titled “Isolation”, the first taste of music off of the band’s upcoming studio album, “Quadra”. The song is pretty typical for the [click to continue]

INCITE Guitarist Leaves Band

Thrash metal outfit Incite have announced that guitarist Andrew Rome is no longer in the band. The announcement of a replacement, as well as a new tour announcement will come from the band soon. [click to continue]

UNITED – Absurdity

Thrash metal is a genre with many big names in it from bands like Exodus, Testament, Metallica, Slayer…the list goes on but there are always bands from those eras that some seem to either [click to continue]


Resurgence is a death metal band that finally sees the release of its debut album Besieged. Besieged is an 8 track onslaught of catastrophic metal commotion that is sure to grab new metalhead’s [click to continue]

ZEOLITE – Sermones Mortis

In terms of recent output of awesome bands, Australia is doing pretty damn well. From modern metalcore mainstays, to prog specialists, the island nation has been pumping out countless great releases. [click to continue]