SUIDAKRA To Release New Album In June

Celtic death metallers Suidakra have just finished working on their new album “Wolfbite” which is set for release on June 25 via MDD Records. Musically, after more than 25 years of band history, Suidakra has succeeded in presenting a mixture of their entire past work with a decidedly fresh breeze, giving the impression that the band has virtually risen from a fountain of youth. Wolfbite is bursting with power, uncompromisingness and joy of playing, and from the very first note, […]


THE ELYSIAN FIELDS – New World Misanthropia

This year has only begun and we already have a plethora of metal albums to look forward to and on my list was this album. It has been almost fifteen years since The Elysian Fields have released a full length (since the release of Suffering G.O.D. Almighty in 2005) and after this long wait, the band has returned with some of their best work to date. New World Misanthropia was released February 11th through Hammer of Damnation and it is the […]


DIVINE ELEMENT – Thaurachs of Borsu

Greece is a country that seems to produce a lot of great bands. Through multiple metal sub genres, the Greeks seem to have a knack of creating some great music. A band that should be considered up there with some of the country’s greats is the extreme folk metal band Divine Element. These guys released their second album, their first in around seven years, in May of last year, and it’s one to at least scope out. “A Realignment with […]


EPIGRAM – Shadows

Epigram is a melodic black/death metal band from Los Angeles, CA who formed in 2015. This year the trio have unleashed their debut EP titled Shadows. With elements of ghostly piano melodies, Gothenburg influenced riffs and vocals reminiscent of at times of both Silenoz of Dimmu Borgir mixed with the death metal vocals of Leon del Muerte of Impaled. Now it is definitely not a bad thing to have that range in comparison to both of those vocalists so that […]