Two Dead At SXSW When Car Crashes Into Crowd

The annual SXSW (South By South West)  festival in Texas features a variety of metal groups and is still going on, but the festivities were put on hold this morning when two people died and twenty-three were injured outside The Mohawk.

BBC News reports:

Two people have been killed after a drunk driver crashed through barricades set up for the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in the US, police say. A man and a woman died and many others were injured on the crowded street in Austin, Texas.
The driver is thought to have been trying to escape from the police when the collision happened. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said he had now been taken into custody after officers shocked him with a stun gun.
The driver will face two counts of capital murder over the crash, which took place about 12.30am local time (05:30 GMT) on Thursday.

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