MOONSPELL Enter The Studio

Moonspell have entered the Orgone Studios (Milton Keynes, UK) with Jaime Gomez Arellano to record their forthcoming new album, following 1755 from 2017. Stay tuned for more info and details.

Statement as follows:

“Moonspell are already in the UK to record their forthcoming album with Jaime Gomez Arellano, Orgone Studios. First week of work is done and drums are ready. Hugo Ribeiro drummer has just completed his first studio work with Moonspell and he did a kickass job!

“Here’s a picture of the three oldest members of Moonspell taken by Paulo F. Mendes Photography, during their pre-production in Olival Basto.

“H will be released in 2021 Q1, via Napalm Records and Moonspell is anxious of sharing the result with you as soon as they can.”


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