So now here is the long anticipated interview with the great Lord of Logos! We took a late night chat to really get into the great mind of this amazing artist to see what music he loves, what inspires him and how American flights and customs really piss him off.


TMF: Hello Christophe, tell us about yourself?

CS: My name is Christophe and I studied in forestry, lived in Belgium till 2003 then moved to the UK to discover new outlets and learn English. My first language is French. I work in retail with logo art as my side freelance work.

TMF: Where are you from?

CS: Originally from Belgium but in Exeter, England now.

TMF: Why have you switched to Facebook from Myspace?

CS: Much easier to do work, display art and connect with clients.

TMF: What are some of the most notable logos you have created?

CS: Moonspell, Old Man’s Child, Emperor, and Abazagorath.

TMF: How did you get into logo design?

CS: I started in mid 1980’s, inspired by Sodom, Possessed, Creator, Sarcofago and many thrash metal. I was inspired most by Sarcofago from Brazil and Possessed because readable yet evil.

TMF: What was your first logo you created?

CS: It was Morbid Noise from Belgium. It was a compilation from a fanzine. Picked up a flier and lived close by and connected. Similar minds on underground metal.

TMF: When did you realize you really wanted to do art?

CS: In the 1980’s after seeing many different band’s logos.

TMF: What is your favorite logo you created?

CS: In 1991, with Emperor’s logo. Simple yet striking.








TMF: Favorite logo not made by you?

CS: Probably Lynard Skynard.

TMF: What was the worst logo in your opinion?

CS: Most were for obscure bands or the disproportion of letters.

TMF: Where are the majority of your clients?

CS: About 85% in the United States

TMF: How many logos do you think you have done?

CS: Easily around 9,000 to 10,000 by now

TMF: Have you done other artwork?

CS: Recently some projects of drawing inspired by society and very controversial works.

TMF: What are some of your favorite bands?

CS: Demoncy, Nightbringer, Usurper, Possessed, King Diamond, Rotting Christ, Venom, and Celtic Frost (all time favorite).

TMF: What genre of metal is your favorite and least favorite?

CS: My favorite is a mixture of dark black death metal with melody and least favorite is moshing hardcore, overly diluted glam and commercial nu-metal

TMF: What inspires your art?

CS: From what I see around me such as nature’s wonders and also what the band wants in a very detailed description. Also another artist may come up with an idea.

TMF: How is European art differ from American?

CS: I think European art is more intricate and more compact due to a smaller dimension of the ground compared to a spread out workspace in America.

TMF: How is the music scene there in UK?

CS: More cult bands like Venom, Iron Maiden, Queen and Black Sabbath. The cradle of the pioneers of metal and a long history of metal music. Many metal styles come from here. Mostly focused in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

TMF: Who will you work with next?

CS: Chris Horst

TMF: What genre or style do you like best to make logos for?

CS: Hypnotic black metal

TMF: How much does your logo design work cost?

CS: About $60 starting

TMF: How can someone contact you for a logo?

CS: First, they should look through my work and then create an idea of what they would want. After, they should contact myself or Herlaka Rose for my work.

TMF: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

CS: I’d like to thank you for the interview and I will be releasing a new book titled “Ancient Modernism” as a follow up to an event I hosted in Wellington, New Zealand. It was a great experience and very simple. I would also like to continue working with many American bands. Thank you all.


Look out for a new surprise from Christophe coming to the site soon! Thanks again Christophe for your great contribution to the metal community!


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