For most fans of melodic/symphonic black metal, the name Mirzadeh is not unfamiliar to you. They were known for releasing the masterpiece album The Creatures of Loviatar in 2006 but now they are back with a new album that will surely keep old fans happy and new fans amazed. Mirox took a moment to talk about the new album, his band and his influences with us in this interview.

TMF: Please introduce yourself and the band:

M: I am Mirox, rhythm guitarist and singer in Mirzadeh, Finnish metalband.

TMF: How did the band form? How did you guys meet?

M: At end of the last millennium I wanted to have a band but it was hard to find players, especially a metal drummer in the country side of Finland. Then Fafner, my little brother bought drums and the problem was solved. I asked Exitus to play keyboards. He had no experience but he wanted to try. Our first song was played by just the three of us. Jani, my friend from childhood came to listen and had interest to join us. It felt natural because Jani and I had played in same band earlier in youth. Lues was a guy in same village and we knew he used to be a bassist so when I saw him in a local bar I asked him to come to rehearsals. Soon after second demo ”profetia” Jani left a band and Shagul came to replace him. Shagul was playing in band called Darkside and we used to hang around with them. That line up is still the current one and I believe there is not coming changes to it in near future.

TMF: How did you come up with the name “Mirzadeh”?

M: The name Mirzadeh came from dictionary. It’s kind of stupid because it has nothing to do with Finland… but we tought it sounded good. We didn’t know that is also very former last name of Iran. Nowadays we have became one with the name and we haven’t got any negative feedback concerning the name.

TMF: How did the band become a melodic black metal group?

M: We wanted to play kind of black metal from the beginning. There was no doubts about the style which came so naturally and soon took the shape of our own.

TMF: What are your influences?

M: There is so many bands we could name but few most important could be early Amorphis, Thy Serpent which had much similarity with us in many ways and Dimmu Borgir must be mentioned in this context for sure.

TMF: What are the influences on Desired Mythic Pride?

M: It is very hard to say ‘cos we have made these songs just like we wanted. All affects everything.

TMF: What is the concept of the album?

M: The one special attribute of Desired Mythic Pride is that there is some kind of chorus in many songs. Guitars are stronger than in earlier releases so we can think the album is tiny step closer traditional rock than older ones. Many of he lyrics on the album are based strongly to Kalevala – the national epic of Finland. I don’t know what I am trying to say now…Anyway, the album is made with such a profundity and attention, that I think the word “deep” is very descriptive. It is deep and traditional.

TMF: What inspired the album’s title? What are most of the lyrics about in the album?

M: After we were spent several years with trying to publish this album and when we thought things are rolling allways something came up and we had to wait more. So for us this album is ( and hopefully for some other people) desired and kind of mythic…There is a story in Kalevala about a blacksmith who made a thing called Sampo. Sampo was made to bring wealth to it’s owner. The blacksmith made it for Louhi – the old witch so he could have Louhi’s daughter to his bride etc…So the title of the album means the sampo and the album itself.

TMF: How is the album different from 2006’s The Creatures of Loviatar?

M: Sounds are stronger and more finished than on The Creatures of Loviatar. Everything is more prepared this time and there is maybe somekind of maturity in this one.

TMF: Why did it take so long to record a new album?

M: There was so many different setbacks in that process I don’t know what to mention but the root cause was money for sure.

TMF: What are you favorite and least favorite bands to listen to?

M: I unfortunately don’t have much time to calm down to listen music and when I do, it’s something between ac/dc and Immortal. Can’t name the best or worst bands.

TMF: What do you think of today’s metal scene?

M: If I had time to focus it enough, I might like it. Nu metal is still not my cup of tea.

TMF: Should religion be left out of metal music?

M: I like to think music and religion as two different things but many artists like to preach by music and I can accept it. In our band every member has right to believe what he wants and our songs are more like stories than our own visions of life philosophy. The subject is difficult and I can only talk my part in this case.

TMF: Any plans for touring this year?

M: Probably we will do few gigs this year but not more. Atleast two happy family events are coming…

TMF: If you could pick any bands to tour with, who would they be?

M: Surely Dimmu Borgir or maybe Finntroll could be the optimal choice.

TMF: Any last words? Where can people buy your albums and merchandise?

M: New album is available at least these online stores: and Stuffs can be also ordered straight from us on

We know we have a small but loyal group of fans. Thanks to you all!



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