Not many times do you get to interview a very influencial metal band in the underground black metal scene that is still alive and kicking. I got the pleasure to talk to Dylan from HECATE ENTHRONED who tells us about the new album Virulent Rapture, how the band prepares for shows and just how they kick so much ass!


TMF: Hails Dylan, please introduce yourself:

HE: Dylan…Bass – Hecate Enthroned.

TMF: How did you guys form Hecate Enthroned?

HE: We started off as friends from the same town; Wrexham, North Wales. We all shared a passion for metal and all matters dark. Started playing death and thrash metal, writing our own music and developing our skill and style before becoming Hecate Enthroned and producing our own brand of Symphonic, aggressive Black Metal.

TMF: How did the members all meet?

HE: We were friends from the same town, listened to the same music and drank in the same pubs.

TMF: How did you come up with the name “Hecate Enthroned”?

HE: It was put together at a band meeting once our direction and style was created. It was something that fitted in with our music, image and ideology.

TMF: What are your inspirations for the music you write?

HE: Our surroundings; the bleak and natural beauty of North Wales…our hatred for christianity….our involvement in the dark and satanic world….our natural aggression and hate. The fact that we are nasty horrible bastards.

TMF: What is your favorite song you have written and why?

HE: I cant give 1 favourite song…too many. Some are ‘Spell of the Winter Forest’, ‘Beneath a December Twilghlight’ , ‘An Ode for a Haunted Wood’, ‘Dark Requiems…’ ‘Life’ , ‘Plagued by Black Death’. These songs combine the epic grandoise of our surroundings with the dark aggrressive hatred we share.

TMF:  How did you get into the black metal scene?

HE: I have always loved metal/rock and was drawn to the more extreme music. Starting with heavy rock as a child going into metal then thrash and death and then Black. Music needs to capture a mood or a feeling to truly move and inspire. And Black has all the elements to stir every emotion to move us. Real good music is more of a hallucination.

TMF: What are some of your favorite bands?

HE: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Darkthrone, Dissection, Emperor, Kyuss, Sleep, Macabre, Deicide, Kreator, Nuclear Assault, Slayer, Iron Maiden…………

TMF: What new bands have you discovered that you think deserve more exposure?

HE: Verdelet – UK BM, Reign of Perdition – UK Prog BM, Handfull of Hate – Italian Metal, Mechanical God Creation – Italian Death Metal. Voices – UK BM/DM.

TMF: How is the music scene in your area?

HE: Where I live is full of music, choirs, orchestras..traditional Welsh music and singing is a big part of our life. From a metal perspective there isnt much extreme metal but a lot of hard rock. The extreme metal is in the cities or the big towns. It could be stronger with more support as there are some good bands and musicians are getting out there and trying to create something but the crowds arnt always there.

TMF: What is your best and worst experience on stage?

HE: I have never had a bad experience on stage. Playing our music and delivering our own brand of metal and hatred is always good. Other people at our shows may have some bad experiences but we turn every emotion thrown at us into a tool for us to use and grow stronger in our performance. We absorb energy like a sponge.

TMF: How do you prepare before going on stage?

HE: Hit walls, people, each other. Direct the energy.

TMF: What are some essentials that you have to have on tour?

HE: Alcohol, drugs, food.

TMF: What inspired Virulent Rapture?

HE: The cumulative shit we endured as a band from the last 9 years. Along with the enhanced ability and knowledge we have grown in our craft. VR is the result of 20 years of playing and writing…of sacrifices and experiences. It is HE now; as we are and as we have become.

TMF: If you could pick three bands to tour with, who would they be?

HE: Our friends Verdelet, Emperor and Iron Maiden.

TMF: Have you ever considered doing a split album with any other bands?

HE: No.

TMF: What do you have in store for 2014?

HE: Video releases, Festivals, UK and EU Shows and maybe South America. Much more online and on the road prescence.

TMF: Will you tour North America anytime soon?

HE: We hope to yes, if we get the right promoter and offer we would love to get over there and see all our fans and friends.

TMF: Where can people buy your music and merch?

HE: From our online store at our web page…..

TMF: It was a pleasure talking to you, any last words?

HE: Many thanks for the interview and we wish you and your readers all the best for the future. Please check out our web page……….


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