We took a moment to talk with Eston and Wilson, the duo behind the monstrosity known as Vulnificus!

MPM: Please introduce yourself and what you do in the band:
Eston: Hello, and thank you for having us. I’m Eston, I do vocals and play in Abolishing the Ignominious where I do vocals in that, as well.
Wilson: I’m Wilson and I play guitar, bass and drums for VULNIFICUS and all of my other musical endeavors.

MPM: How did VULNIFICUS start?
Wilson: It was a totally different name before it was VULNIFICUS, but it was actually the name of a band me and my buddy Joey (Epidermolysis) were going to create, and then when I met Eston, Joey asked us to take the band name.
Eston: VULNIFICUS got started by me and Wilson coming together and wanting to play death metal that sounded original and primitive.

MPM: How did you guys meet?
Wilson: Eston posted a flyer about one my projects (Urotherapy) show coming up and I knew of his band name (Abolishing the Ignominious) because another one of my projects (Daraku Shita Kanjo) are on the same label with him (Lord of The Sick) and yeah, we’ve been cool ever since.
Eston: That’s pretty much how we met, and how we got started. I was plugging a show online for one of the bands Joe (Abolishing) is in and Wilson thanked me for doing that. We started talking and decided to give this band a shot.

MPM: How did the name VULNIFICUS come about?
Wilson: It was one of those names that we found researching the forensic pathology atlas
Eston: I didn’t care so much about a name, as long as it stood out and was simple and matched the brutality of the music.

MPM: With both of you guys having backgrounds in metal, what inspired the formation of VULNIFICUS?
Wilson: Definitely Cenotaph, To Violently Vomit, Defeated Sanity and just the overall Old School Brutal Death Metal scene
Eston: After playing in bands and trying different styles, this was another band that I wanted to do something I never tried before. What inspired me is hearing the current music and being disappointed in it. I wanted this band to go back to the roots of death metal, in any way, where as soon as you hear it you are reminded of albums and bands from the past. Hopefully we accomplished that.

MPM: You recently signed with New Standard Elite, how did that come about and how has it been on the roster?
Wilson: Yes! It was definitely a first thought in my head when I created this project before Eston joined. I’m a huge fan of NSE and it was a dream to be one of the baddest bands on that label. It has been a great experience so far. We are getting a lot of respect from some of the bands on the roster.
Eston: It’s still fairly new to me, I’m taking it all in. I hope to gain the respect of the fans and the bands that influence us and that we look up to with VULNIFICUS. NSE has always been a label I respected and kept my eye on since it began about a decade ago. The name has only gotten better and stronger and I wanted us to be a part of that history.

MPM: Innomination dropped recently, what is the story behind the title and the theme behind the release?
Wilson: I’ll let Eston explain that.
Eston: INNOMINATION is a detailed story describing a father coming home to find his family murdered in cold blood. Calling for assistance and unable to do so from neighbors and authorities, the father decides to take the situation into his own hands for justice. It was a news story that I read a while back, and I decided to put my own twist on it.

MPM: What inspires your music and sound?
Wilson: The veteran bands in the past and the drive to create.
Eston: The world we live in, and like I said previously, wanting to gain the respect of the fans of death metal that listen to us and the bands we respect and hope to play with someday. That’s my motivation. I’ve been playing for awhile, but I still approach music like I’m new. I’m always trying to learn and improve…

MPM: Which song from Innomination is your personal favorite and why?
Wilson: Induced Rampage because I just like how it starts off in your face and doesn’t stop.
Eston: Innomination, no doubt. I like that track the best because it’s a great representation of our overall sound. It sounds new, yet old at the same time and it just has all our influences wrapped up into it. The ending is devastating, and I envision those parts going crazy at shows.

MPM: What albums were your top picks for the year?
Eston: Stabbing’s demo, Meshum – EEE and Dispersed – Where Silence Reigns. Cenotaph, Cerebral Effusion, Ominous Scriptures, Interminable Corruptions, Deprecation and Undeciphered, anything NSE did recently I’ve just loved it. I really loved the Meshum and Dispersed the most.
Wilson: I’d say my top 5 for the year may be. Deleterious – Promo 2021, Ischemic Necrosis – Nauseating Stew Of Rancid Decomposition, Engulfed in Repugnance – Consummation of Chthonic Remnants, Meticulous Butchery – Induced Serotonergic Despoliation, and Morgue Dweller – Necrophile

MPM: If you could build a dream tour, who are you adding to the bill?
Wilson: Defeated Sanity, Cannibal Corpse, Putridity, Intricated, Human Mastication, Cerebral Effusion
Eston: Definitely some of the classic bands for me. Mortal Decay, Dying Fetus, Malignancy, Immolation, Dehumanized if they were still around, and after that you can flip a coin and insert any early Unique Leader band here. (Vile, Severed Savior, Deeds of Flesh, Unmerciful)

MPM: Any plans of making this project a full lineup?
Eston: No need to complicate the formula, so no. Maybe we may need a line-up for shows in the future for a full sound, but creatively, it’s just me and Wilson.
Wilson: This is the full lineup. I like where we are now, just not a huge fan of being in a full band. Not enough creative space.

MPM: What would you be doing if not doing music?
Wilson: Probably pushing my art to get further.
Eston: Same thing I’m doing now. I just use the music to express myself creatively and meet cool people in the process.

MPM: What hobbies do you guys have outside your projects?
Wilson: Drawing/Painting (Traditional and Digital) Collecting CDs and Cassettes
Eston: I like making music of all types outside of metal. I came up with the ambient intro at the end of “Induced Rampage” while mixing my solo project (BWNTWN SOUND) third album. Listening to music, reading and a lot of sports. Those are all influences I use when I’m writing and creating.

MPM: Any advice for upcoming musicians?
Eston: Invest in yourself, believe in yourself regardless of what others say and make sure to find a career or job that you can go to everyday that you love just as much as playing music. It’ll help you in the long term.
Wilson: Don’t be afraid to be different, make mistakes and learn about the business of music and the music business. Do your research before anything.

MPM: What are your plans for the next year with Vulnificus?
Wilson: Definitely working on the next release and booking shows.
Eston: To try and make NSE proud that they gave us a chance. I would like to say thank you for having us be a part of the family. Wilson and I will always be grateful for the opportunity.

MPM: Any last words?
Wilson: Thank you all for checking out VULNIFICUS and please stay tuned for what’s in store for next year!
Eston: Yes, thank you for having us. Please be sure to check out our other projects. Wilson has Urotherapy ( and Epidermloysis ( and I have Abolishing the Ignominious ( All bands have new music available that’s been released this year, so go listen at their pages if you love brutal music! Urotherapy has a new full length out, Epidermloysis has a demo and Abolishing the Ignominious has a new single while we prepare for our new album as well.

We appreciate all the support we’ve received thus far and we hope to meet you in 2022! Make sure to visit the VULNIFICUS pages and let us know how you like our next release!



Interview by Neil Andersen



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