I Am Destruction are a deathcore band who’s been around since 2013 from Grand Prairie, Texas and have created what it appears to be my favorite deathcore album of 2020 so far with Unique Leader Record’s release of Nascency. Combining elements of death metal and slam, this album introduces compositions with traces of brutalized instrumentals, overloaded guitar riffs, visceral vocal patterns and songs containing maximum heaviness, the members from I Am Destruction marked a new chapter within the overall dynamics and passages the album wonderfully managed to succeed in. Featuring slabs of smothering brutality, shattered breakdowns, intensity upon another from the insanely wicked production and bringing the genre a much more progressive and prominent atmosphere, this album is also intelligently well-written as the members borrows wide variety or lyrical themes including story driven, aggression and states utilizes a polished tone so perfectly sharp that Nascency provided is truly worth hearing.

When you get to hear banging tracks such as Propogated by Abnormality, Consequent Forfeiture and the opening track to Primo Incisum, the musicianship alongside the craftsmanship displayed here done a decent job balancing their counterparts to showcase their instrumentation work a unique and creative expression within the engaging lyricism themes this album presents. The songs selected by these Texans have violently smacked different variations as the instruments and chemistry are beyond energetic, passionate and brilliancy these sections of groovy, malicious and Slam-filled tendencies may necessarily throw deathcore fans off but however, there can be quite some repetitiveness that most deathcore bands rely on but I Am Destruction does their style bit more differently this time around. But from a musical standpoint, I Am Destruction’s Nascency impressed me with how dynamic these complex songs varies quick paces of understanding, unidentifiable and unpredictable leads doesn’t become overly saturated but they’ve displayed talented quality and aforementioned they created perhaps one of their strongest material to date.


Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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