Distant- Heritage Album Review

We have seen many bands throughout the course of time start from the bottom and, over time, as they push themselves to grow, they often find ways to be innovative, creative, and generate endless ideas to make their specific genre stand out. Distant, on the other hand, has been a force to be reckoned with throughout their existence.

I have been following this band since their release of “Aeons of Oblivion,” and I immediately became a fan of their artistic talent and the way they have elevated extreme metal to great heights.

Now signed to Century Media Records, “Heritage” is the next chapter in the band’s progression.

Their sound is a combination of elements from brutal death metal, deathcore, slam, and downtempo with styled melodies similar to bands such as Suicide Silence, Ingested, and Black Tongue, to name a few.

Musically, this album takes everything from “Aeons of Oblivion” and previous material and blends the doomy, claustrophobic, dark, frightening, and terrorizing styles of extreme metal, incorporating different structures and arrangements. The result is a change of pace that makes the songs fiercer, more technical, melodically driven, and filled with punishing and isolating atmospheres that will leave you feeling as though you are in a universe of darkness and despair.


What sets “Heritage” apart from previous releases is its astonishing compositions, consistency, and craftsmanship. I was impressed with how addictive and sometimes catchy this record truly became.

Distant has once again put real effort into their writing, ensuring that the songs feel consistent at their best. In this case, “Heritage” is by far the heaviest, most engaging, and nastiest record that Distant has produced to date.


Overall score
Review by Jake Butler


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