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Here at the secret The Metal Foundry lair (well pretty much just myself with a laptop at anywhere I can plug in and get wifi) came up with a brilliant idea to really introduce some amazing bands I have heard from all over the world. I was thinking of creating a Kickstarter to put out a compilation album featuring some new talents from all over the world. The plan would be to have it featured as a name your price release as well as hard copies that each band would receive a certain amount of to hand out in their area or sell. The hard copies would probably go for anywhere between $5 – $10 depending on funding as well as artwork and everything and another idea would possibly be a metal festival set up by us at a venue here in California.

I personally have many plans that could be beneficial for bands and labels here such as the plan of distribution here on the site where independent bands and small labels could sell their music through this site. It’s just one of those tough moments where if you had all the money, you could do all these things but The Metal Foundry doesn’t have those funds. I am currently a one man machine behind this site, working usually daily to listen to a ton of albums, emailing labels and bands and planning new ideas. I will post more about this subject down the road and if anyone is feeling generous and believes in this plan, I will post the Kickstarter link later on for anyone who wants to donate.

Bands who are interested, please email me with your info and an mp3 and I’ll keep you informed on this compilation album. My plan is to make it where this will be 100% free for the bands and they could even make some extra cash and get exposure. All of the bands I have met, listened to and all of you readers out there keep this site going. Let’s keep metal alive!


We are an extreme metal site that focuses on reviews and interviews with bands all over the world! The more obscure, unknown and different, the better!

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  1. That would be awesome!! Great idea! Just gotta get the word out about the kickstarter

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