Remembering Trevor Strnad

Honoring the Legacy of The Black Dahlia Murder Vocalist on His Death Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of Trevor Strnad’s sudden and unexpected death. As I delved into various metal genres and sub-genres over the years, The Black Dahlia Murder (TBDM) was one of the few bands that remained a constant for me. Trevor’s powerful range and insightful lyrics had a profound effect on me and countless metal fans worldwide.

Trevor was a passionate advocate for all things metal, with an encyclopedic knowledge of obscure bands spanning the entire genre. He championed lesser-known groups and helped talented musicians gain wider recognition. His legacy lives on, inspiring us to follow in his footsteps and support up-and-coming metal acts.

His passing motivated me to take over Metal Purgatory Media over eight months ago. Since then, we’ve published over 100 articles, interviewed a dozen bands, and reviewed 70 or 80 metal groups across all sub-genres. We’ve covered some amazing tours and expanded our team to include passionate writers and photographers who share Trevor’s vision of promoting positivity and camaraderie in the metal community.

We strive to stay true to Trevor’s core values by posting only positive reviews and feedback. As artists ourselves, we understand the hard work and dedication that goes into creating music, and we aim to uplift and encourage our fellow metalheads around the world.

Although we lost one of metal’s greatest vocalists a year ago today, Trevor’s influence and impact are still felt deeply by all who knew and loved him. Our thoughts are with Trevor’s family and surviving bandmates.


George Bauman



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