Today we got to speak with Italy’s brutal Death Metal band Posthuman Abomination!

MPM: First off, thank you for wanting to do this interview. Secondly, those who don’t know who you are, could you introduce yourselves to what you do for the band?

Lorenzo: Hi everybody, I’m Lorenzo and I’m vocals
Max: Hi I’m Max and I’m guitars thanks to you for the interview

MPM: You guys been active in the scene since 2014 from Milan, Italy and well as other members from Sardinia. How’s the music scene in Italy different than most countries such as United States, South America and more?

Lorenzo: Me and Max are active before 2014, playing with other bands. Personally I’ve started playing brutal Death Metal with a band in 1996. A lot of things changed since then. Italy was not well considered across the borders, but bands like Electrocution and Antropofagus bring attention to the italian scene. I think that the real breakthrough has been the release of Hour of Penance masterpiece “The Vile Conception” in 2008.

MPM: The band is about to release the second full-length album of Mankind Recall and is released through Comatose Music which is one of my many favorite labels specializing in brutal death and much more. Could you tell us how the songwriting, process and relationship with Comatose Music all started?

Lorenzo: In the first album “Transcending Embodiment” me and Max shared the composition of the songs, I wrote lyrics, vocals parts and drums patterns, Max wrote the riffs and then we re arranged all together with Marco Coghe (drums) and Andrea Pillitu (bass). In Mankind Recall Max wrote all the tracks, I wrote the lyrics and vocals parts, Marco and Andrea rearranged their parts. When we wrote our first demo we contacted Steve Green of Comatose Music. He has always been our first choice. He liked our music and signed us. It’s pleasure to work with him.

MPM: What makes Posthuman Abomination different than most bands in the brutal Death Metal scene and why should everyone discover your band?

Lorenzo: We are trying to find our style, it’s a difficult task but we try to be different. We want to stay between old school and modern Death Metal. We love so much this genre and we write what a passionate fan like us wishes to listen in a Death Metal album.

MPM: Brutal death metal has became such a unstoppable force within the last decade or so with so many great bands on the horizon in wanting to get their music out and be introduced to many people. What would you guy’s say has been the biggest inspiration in wanting to play extreme metal?

Lorenzo: For me Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh, Cannibal Corpse, Broken Hope, Cryptopsy.

MPM: Your debut album, Transcending Embodiment released in 2018 was a great discovery for me and been a fan of the music since 2019. Would you guys say that Mankind Recall not only is a much more matured record but a next chapter to the band’s sound?

Lorenzo: That’s great. Yes, we like what we did with Transcending Embodiment, it’s a solid album but we always look further and Mankind Recall is definitely is a new chapter. We are so proud of the final result. Stefano Morabito did a spectacular job, reamping mixing and mastering it.

MPM: What tracks off on Mankind Recall would be the most highlighted and memorable in terms of the lyrics, song structure and craftsmanship?

Lorenzo: Subdermal, Null, Mnesic, Mankind Recall, it’s difficult to choose. For me all 8 songs are potential singles.

MPM: Who are some of your biggest influences in music that inspired the band to play such destructive and menacing Death Metal?

Max: With no doubt, 90s/first 2000 Death Metal, particularly Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Deeds of Flesh, Disavowed and Dying Fetus to name a few. But also other genres not strictly Death Metal

MPM: If Posthuman Abomination were to create the ultimate dream lineup tour of active bands in the scene today, who do you guys want to play with in the future?

Max: (laughing) Nice question!!!it would be and endless list, well I try. Suffocation, Disavowed, Meshuggah, Cryptopsy, Broken Hope, Disgorge, Cannibal Corpse, Guttural Secrete and, I wish it was possible… Deeds of Flesh with Erik..RIP Bro…..

MPM: What are some of your favorite pastime activities when not creating music that your fans don’t know about?

Max: I love cooking, doing housework listening to music and singing (not only metal), but over all I love hiking in the mountains, I love nature and I love taking care of my family
Lorenzo: I like travelling, karting, motorsports, reading, computer geek stuff, movies and tv series.

MPM: If music wasn’t a job or a passion to a degree, what type of work do you guys see yourself doing a decade from now?

Max: A farmer, or maybe in prison (laughing), well yes, a farmer.

MPM: If you guys had to pick between recording music or performing live on center stage front of thousands of people across the world, what would be your answer to that?

Lorenzo: Why not both (laughs). I like the writing process but also playing live.

MPM: What would be your guy’s opinion on streaming music versus buying hard copies of records, tapes and cd’s?

Max: I think that streaming is more a thing for the young generations. Streaming makes everything fast and easy to promote. We adopted this way of distributing and promoting our music, we want to keep up with the times. But the feeling of the physical copy whether it’s a CD a tape or a vinyl, the booklet, credits, even its smell is still unbeatable.
Lorenzo: I like streaming, I’m 43 years old (yeah old) and streaming it’s something that I’d kill to have when I was a kid, you can discover a lot of music with it, but I’m also a CD and vinyl collector and I will always prefer to have the physical copy of the music I really like.

MPM: Before we wrap up this interview I would like to thank you guys so much in taking the time in doing this. Are there any last words you like to add in terms of promoting, touring and all that good stuff for the future of Posthuman Abomination?

Max: Thank you. We hope to play some gigs around, it’s difficult to tour with daily jobs and family but we will find a way to play live to promote Mankind Recall. I have lots of ideas and I’m starting to work on the next album, developing our new style. Cheers!
Lorenzo: Thanks for the interview and for supporting us. Ciao


Interview By Jake Butler


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