PANZERFAUST Stop at The Westboro Baptist Church

Canada’s PANZERFAUST are currently on tour with Abigail Williams and Lecherous Nocturne, and while driving from one gig to another, someone noticed that they weren’t far from “everybody’s most beloved institution,” guitarist/vocalist Kaizer tells Bravewords. So they decided to make a pitstop and pay their respects:


The band added via Facebook:

“The epicenter of all outhouses: THE WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH. As an outhouse, it was employed as such. For even thinking about protesting Jeff Hanneman’s funeral, may your mothers suck cocks in hell.”

Although there are probably things you could do to the WBC which are even more offensive than just pissing on their front lawn, this is still pretty fucking awesome. A great stop that was well deserved to WBC!

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