DEICIDE Writing New Album

Deicide guitarist Chris Cannella stated in a recent interview that the band has been in the process of writing new material for their upcoming thirteenth studio album, the follow-up to 2018’s Overtures Of Blasphemy, which will also be Deicide’s first release with him.

He tells Jason Saulnier:

“Since I moved out [to Florida from Arizona] a year ago, we were writing a lot of music, and then we kind of started over when I got out here and I was able to rehearse all the time rather than just meeting up when I was commuting for work. [Editor’s note: Cannella works as a product manager for Dean Guitars.] So we’ve been really focusing and writing just really – in my opinion – some amazing stuff. And when we do record it, you will definitely hear a different vibe with the band, because the camaraderie is so strong. I mean, the four of us in a room, we just have a great time. We love being around each other, [and] we like writing music together. You’re gonna hear a lot of that. It’s just a really strong, aggressive… A lot of guitar work, a lot of cool drumming. Glen’s [Benton, bass/vocals] stuff that he is working on – it’s great. It’s exciting. I couldn’t be happier.”



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