MP: Please introduce yourself and the band:

DS: This is Sykelig guitarist and founder of the Norwegian Black metal band Den Saakaldte, consisting by members that have or still play in bands such as Gorgoroth, 1349, Fortid, Pantheon I and have also included in the past members that have been with Dødheimsgard, Shining, Urgehal amongst others. The band right is me on guitars, Tjalve-guitars, Seidemann-bass, Eldur-vocals and Tybalt-drums.

MP: How did Den Saakaldte form?

DS: The whole idea started with Den Saakaldte being an one-man-band project of mine. I was tired at that point interacting with people. After a while though it felt natural again sharing ideas and opinions in music with some people i was friends and close to…so…addition to the addition Den Saakaldte ended up being a normal band meaning something to every and each member. It is difficult to explain…Den Saakaldte is not just a band. it is more of an idea and a way of life for us.

MP: What does “Den Saakaldte” mean?

DS: The So called and in also some weird way of looking it The So Cold. It both fit to each other and it made a perfect sense to me when all i wanted the name to represent was the outcast.

MP: What made it transition from a one-man project?

DS: Beer and friendship. Nothing more-nothing less. My ideas and conept Den Saakaldte has made the rest to feel a part of it and joining the band was a normal decision

MP: How did you meet the rest of the lineup?

DS: We were all close friends drinking together, talking about music and having a good time. With Eldur, we were lucky to meet him as Fortid was rehearsing in the same place we do.

MP: Would you consider the band now like a super-group of the black metal elite as many have called you?

DS: No. I hate such terms.

MP: Does everyone coming from well known black metal bands help more?

DS: Coming from a wellknown band means that there is a reason that the band is wellknown. It means that the band is doing well because of members that know what they are doing and are good at it. So…yes, it helps having people that know what they do.

MP: Is it harder with a lineup than before when it was only yourself?

DS: Sometimes it is, since one needs to cooperate and share ideas or accept ideas that sometimes may contradict with what one had already in mind. But that is how it is. A band means cooperation. In the general picture though i do not find it difficult or hard. We are not partners in a business corporation. All the members of Den Saakaldte are good friends.

MP: Can you describe the musical style of Den Saakaldte?

DS: Black metal with doom and sometimes avantgarde elements.

MP: What is the lyrical content usually about in your music?

DS: Man’s darkest side and thinking. Satanism in the form of indivdualism.

MP: How was it doing a splits with Shining, Horna and Varathron?

DS: All three bands are good and old friends of mine. Those releases are like honouring a years long friendship and i am quite glad that we released these EPs.

MP: Describe the process for writing Kapittel II: Faen i helvete?

DS: Too much stress and frustration since we had gathered way too much negative energy during these 5 years since our “All Hail Pessimsim” album. In the end Tjalve and I put are thoughts down and we cooperated with the music and lyrics. Then during the rehearsals, the rest of the members put their own touches and style in the songs Tjalve and I had made.

MP: How is this album different from previous releases the band has done?

DS: The previous album was done and arranged by me. Apart from the piano songs that Jormungand had composed and some riff contributions that P.K from Abigor arranged, it was basically written by only me. This one is more teamwork.

MP: What is the theme behind the album?

DS: The album is basically covering the times of pain and frustration i and Tjalve experienced the past 5 years and it concludes with hate and disgust towards certain people or life situations…it is kind of weird as our way of presenting those feelings is representing in a way the rest of the members too. Lets just say that the past 5 years have been quite weird for the members of Den Saakaldte…

MP: What bands have inspired yourself and your music?

DS: I would definitely name as first Ved Buens Ende. Then Celtic Frost, Gorgoroth and Ulver i would say have played a huge role on how we concieve music.

MP: What is your favorite song you have written and why?

DS: Djevelens Verk. The reason is simple. It represents me and my life.

MP: What do you think of today’s metal scene?

DS: I am not following that much the things happening in today’s scene. It is so much out there right now and quite lots of it is just crap and parts of trends so, i kind of lost interest. If someone will come to me and say “hey, listen to this” i will listen to it. But it is seldom that i will go at a record store and browse new releases and buy an album. The last 4-5 years i only buy old LPs from bands that i like. Last purchases were Saxon, Uriah Heep and Tank if that says anything to you.

MP: What would be your words of advice to upcoming metal bands out there?

DS: If you do not feel for music and if you don’t think that music is your personal doctor and saviour, give it up.

MP: Any plans later this year?

DS: We are playing Fal of Summer Festival in Paris on the 5th of September. Then we also have Norwegian Hellcamp festival in October in Germany. One more split EP will be released around November so…yeah..things are hectic alright considering that we are all with regular jobs, kids, homes to take care of etc.

MP: Any last words?

DS: Sincere thank you Neil for your support and interest towards Den Saakaldte.


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