We took a moment to speak with Miles Dimitri Baker of Interloper today!

MPM: Please introduce yourself to what you do in the band

MDB: Hi, I am Miles Dimitri Baker and I play guitar as well as write in Interloper!

MPM: How you doing during these unprecedented times and what you been doing to kill time during quarantine?

MDB: I have been doing well! I have been teaching a lot of Skype lessons, writing for the full length, and doing live streams with Carnifex!

MPM: Everyone knew you for your time with California’s Technical Death Metal band Rings Of Saturn joining them from 2014 and left in 2018. Now being in Interloper, could you tell us how you joined the band?

MDB: Well, I met Luke when he was down for the Mitch Lucker memorial show and he crashed at my dads apartment for a couple days and met Aaron and I. RoS needed a drummer, Aaron joined, then a year later they needed a guitarist and I ended up auditioning with my buddy Dylan Furr and I got the spot in RoS.

MPM: Interloper has elements from Progressive Metal, Rock and Instrumentals. What fascinated you to join a band like Interloper that has a unique, and creative sound to the music?

MDB: Yes we do. Well, I started Interloper before I was even in Rings. A Red Letter Day was the first single. Shortly after I joined RoS and Loper had to be put on hold for quite some time.

MPM: During your time with Rings Of Saturn, what inspired you to become a guitarist and are there any musicial influences that motivated you to pick up the instrument?

MDB: Well, prior to RoS my biggest influences were Melodic Death Metal bands like Children of Bodom, In Flames, Arisis etc. Those bands were pretty important in my formative years of learning the instrument.
As far as guitarists go, Alexi Laiho was definitely one of the bigger ones on that list.

MPM: What’s more important to you between touring, writing music or traveling worldwide?

MDB: Well, those two go hand in hand as far as Interloper goes. In order to travel the world on tour, we’ve gotta write some banging tunes. So the music of course. However, as far as filling in with bands goes, I definitely enjoy the traveling aspect the most. Being able to hop on a flight overseas and have people coming out to see you play is a pretty wild feeling. Not to mention all the amazing places you get to see.

MPM: If music wasn’t your passion, what other occupations do you see yourself wanting to do?

MDB: I can’t really imagine any other occupation for myself. If I had to pick something maybe something involving social media for a company or something like that.

MPM: If there is any collaborative artists you just would love to work with in the foreseeable future, whom would you partner up with?

MDB: There are so many people out there that would be wonderful to do something collaborative with. A couple off the top of my head would be Nick Johntston, Keith Merrow, Wes Hauch, or maybe Charlie Robbins!

MPM: With Vinyls and CD’s making a huge comeback to see large amounts of physical copies selling hundreds and thousands of copies, what’s your philosophy on people supporting physical attraction vs digital?

MDB:  I’m not sure that those are making a huge comeback. I think there are people who are into Vinyl and that’s a neat market. However, the world is shifting over to streaming and of course buying a physical copy is really good for bands but the streaming services do make the music available for so many people from all over the world at the click of a button. I think you gotta roll with the times!

MPM: Interloper has talented musicians including Aaron Stechauner and Mike Semesky, what’s it like working with these people and what can fans like myself expect for future material for the band?

MDB: It is really nice. I have been working with Aaron for about 10 years now so we know eachother pretty well and i guess I don’t think about it that often because it’s normal. Well, you can expect some rippin tunes with great melodies, strong arrangements, and a huge variety in sound!

MPM: If Interloper got signed to a major label, what would be the perfect choice for the band?

MDB: Well, we recently signed with a major label! So you will know soon. 😉

MPM: What changes do you want to see for the music community?

MDB: I can’t really think of anything in particular. I think open mindedness is always a good thing!

MPM: What does music mean to you from a perspective point of view?

MDB: Music means a lot of different things to me. It means something emotional, it means something fun, it means something in the background, it means my job, it’s so many different things to me and it’s all very dependent on the situation or mood I am in to determine what i am getting out of music at that moment. I love it and it’s a passion. It really is everything for me!

MPM: Are there any last words or moments you like to say to the fans, friends and everyone else?

MDB: Big thank you to everyone who’s supported me throughout the years in all the different projects i’ve been involved in. Big thanks to all the companies who support me, Schecter, Seymour Duncan, Elixir Strings, Hosa Tech, and Dunlop! Biggest thank you’s to all my friends, family , and fans who are always there for me and keep pushing me to do what I do better than ever!


Interview by Jake Butler



  1. The ammount of actual MUSIC that comes out of Interloper is insane! The quickly became one of my favorite bands to listen to. Everyone brings so much talent to the table. Very stoked for the full length

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