WINTERFYLLETH – The Divination of Antiquity

Ester Segarra

It is no wonder why WINTERFYLLETH has been generating a huge following when their 2012 release The Threnody of Triumph was a black metal masterpiece in itself. The Divination of Antiquity is above and beyond their previous works. The group from Manchester, UK have mastered the art of invoking emotions and moods that range anywhere between anger and violence to serenity and melodic elegance. It is wonder in itself that Winterfylleth aren’t better known alongside the black metal giants like Gorgoroth and Dissection.

The Divination of Antiquity steps into a melodic but balanced black metal realm from start to finish. Notable tracks such as “Whisper of the Elements” and “A Careworn Heart” show more than the band’s ability to be a real strong black metal group but also great songwriters by incorporating melodic and even acoustic elements into their sound, at times even delving into a doomier atmosphere. The melodic and even slower tempo changes really add a true, cold and dark feeling hanging like fog over the release. The distant and ethereal vocals fit perfectly into the sound of the album as if a soul at unrest telling tales of past.

Winterfylleth couldn’t have done this album any better than it is. The release is an emotional rollercoaster that covers a range of feelings. The Divination of Antiquity truly captures the essence of true black metal while making sure that their compositions really stand out and don’t fall under the murky sludge of what is already out there. The melodic essence of this release are what really stand out and to those who have not heard Winterfylleth before, go and grab every release the band has put out and then prepare yourselves for The Divination of Antiquity because you will not truly appreciate anything till you have started from the beginning.


5.0 / 5.0


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