OLD NIGHT – Pale Cold Irrelevance

Doom metal is a genre that brings out emotions through journey like experiences created by the artists who make these epic songs. Old Night does this perfectly as the band was formed in 2015 by Luka Petrovic, best known as the lyricist and one of the main composers of Ashes You Leave. Old Night is breath of fresh air for the doom metal genre as they are highly influenced by blues, progressive rock and atmospheric music in general. The band brings also a change of pace with three guitarists, two backing vocalists and deeply personal and emotional lyricism. The group creates epic tracks, usually ranging in the ten minutes or longer time frame, that do not drone on or have a sense of repetition. The production is also a huge bonus as it creates an old school feel with a 80s doom metal on tape type of vibe.

The track “The Last Child of Doom” is my personal favorite and the intro track to this album. The atmospheric acoustic intro is both beautiful and haunting at the same time, leading into clean vocals that work amazingly with the acoustics and electric riffs. This album can best be described as Spirit Adrift at Pallbearer speed with classic old school doom metal production. This whole album is how modern doom metal should be done. If you are a fan of Spirit Adrift, Pallbearer, Khemmis, Candlemass or just true, emotional and thought provoking doom metal, this album belongs in your collection.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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