ANTETHIC – Origins


Coming from a very Pop background, I was incredibly hesitant when I was asked to accompany Neil in writing Metal reviews, but my passion for music led me to take the task. Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Russia, ANTETHIC is an instrumental post-rock, progressive rock band with very textured and atmospheric sounds, which I am very happy I stumbled across.

Released on August 24, 2014, their LP, Origin, consists of six instrumental, lyric-free records that provoke many diverse forms of emotion. I’ve listened to this album a numerous amount of times, and it shocks me to how beautifully it flows through. From start to finish, the effortless guitar riffs, powerful bass lines, and everlasting drum sequences captivate the listener.

The tracks each have their own unique sound. From the punitive ten minute long reverberations of “White Wale”, which is accompanied with heart rate monitor sounds, to the more lively easy listen to “Morning Glory”, with it’s softer sounds and more harmonious resonances. It is immaculate, and I am astounded with what I’ve heard.

Alongside Origin and since the bands formation in 2012, they have released one single, Cheliuskin, and two EP’s, called The Rules of Discoverers Wishful to be Unknown and The City of the Sun. You can purchase their single, EP’s and LP on their bandcamp, which will be linked below.


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