VOID PRAYER – The Grandiose Return To The Void

I remember back in 2017 coming across this band’s debut album Stillbirth from the Psychotic Void and really enjoying it but not thinking to much to check on the group and see if there is anything new released. To my surprise, there is a new album from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s black metal horde Void Prayer titled The Grandiose Return to the Void which was released late last year via Black Gangrene Productions.

This album continues where the previous left off and shows the progression in sound over the years. The very distant and grim production remains in the band’s recordings adding to the already bleak and occult atmosphere. The overall sound of the group is reminiscent of when black metal was raw, production value was nil and cavernous and vocals caused chills through your soul. Void Prayer have excellently kept this release interesting with the use of unique riffs that many would not particularly hear in black metal, an everchanging atmosphere with the progression of each track and a sense of grim, dark and evilness looming over the listener.

Tracks such as L’appel du vide and The Poetics of Absence are the highlights of this five track album as they showcase the brilliant songwriting Void Prayer possess. The guitars create many anxious moments while the drums heighten that sense of dread throughout these tracks and with the otherworldly screams from the dark abyss, The Grandiose Return to the Void really does feel like jumping straight into the unknown. If you like your black metal evil, grim, memorable and just purely raw, then check out Void Prayer.



Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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