FIREWIND Announce New Vocalist


FIREWIND have announced a familiar face as their new singer: Henning Basse. He has already toured with the band back in 2007 and is known for his work on Metalium, Brainstorm and MaYaN, among others. The Greeks have been quiet for quite some time with guitarist Gus G. focusing more on his solo project of late.

The band announced: “Today we’re happy to announce our new singer! And it’s none other than Henning Basse! Some of you might know him from his work in Metalium, others might have also seen him on stage with us. Henning is no stranger to Firewind fans as he toured the world with us back in 2007! Since last year he started playing some shows w/ Gus G’s solo band and he delivered amazing performances, stunning the crowds all over Europe! Henning is an amazing frontman & a personality that totally fits with what Firewind is all about. Please welcome Henning to the family, we promise you the upcoming shows will rock harder than ever!”

The first gig of this new line-up will be on the cruise 70000 Tons Of Metal 2016. This is the new chapter of Firewind.


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