Solitude Productions Releases A DREAM OF POE

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Originally from Portugal, which is producing some of the finest bands of late, A Dream of Poe have relocated to Scotland presently, and under the auspices of Solitude Productions, they have released their second and most ambitious album. The music is instantly reminiscent of mid-period My Dying Bride and ‘Gothic’ era Paradise Lost, arguably the best period for both these doom bands, and A Dream of Poe elegantly recreate the magic of these classics and weave together a fantastical tale using the depth of poetry and atmosphere of a suffering artist. Aided by the legend Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, Clouds, Wijlen Wij) on keyboards, the music showcases rare beauty, shy grace, heart-rending vocals ensconced in brilliant ever-flowing melodies, as the music plods undefeated through the quagmire of life. ‘An Infinity Emerged’ is a triumph in de-thorning the deathliness of the doom genre and presenting a soulful, vivid expression unlike most others. Gorgeous.
Album Line-up:
Miguel Santos – All instruments
Paulo Pacheco – Lyrics
Kaivan Saraei – Vocals (guest)
Kostas Panagiotou – Keyboards (guest)
Track list:
1. Egregore
2. Lethargus
3. The Isle Of Cinder
4. Lighthouses For The Dead
5. Macula


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