CATAMENIA Post Band Update via Facebook


There has been no news from Finnish act Catamenia for many years. Now the band’s guitarist Riku Hopeakoski has finally said something about the current state of the melodic death metal band. According to him, the band will start writing new songs for a follow-up to Cavalcade (2010), their last album. Riku Hopeakoski has been suffering from tennis elbow but he is finally getting better.

He posted via Facebook: “So many people have been wondering what’s going on with me and Catamenia past few months, so I really need to clear things out. I thought to keep it all to myself, but way too many questions and questionnaire were asked and even riddled (and it’s actually a nice thing). Band’s doing really well and fine! The reason you have not heard or seen any action from us is that I’ve got a severe lateral epicondylite (tennis elbow) w/ 2nd class tear on my right elbow and it’s been for five months now. At the moment, it seems the worst is behind now and we can get back on saddles next month and start to write new songs for the new album. Just wanted to share this with you all. Peace and cheers!”


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