CHTHONIC Vocalist Running For Political Office In Taiwan


Taiwan’s Chthonic lead vocalist Freddy Lim is traveling the road of music to parliament! And on December 26th, a Formosa Defenders outdoor concert will be held in place of a campaign rally. Beyond their musical impact, Chthonic has also focused their interests and strengths on social and political concerns both past and present within Taiwan. The band’s lyrics have historically focused on accounts of the country’s inhabitants fighting against repressive regimes in history in addition to their public displays of support for social movements and human rights activities, including last year’s Sunflower Movement and this year’s student protests against the Ministry Of Education’s adjustments in high school curriculum guidelines.

Lim was one of the co-founders of live houses including Zeitgeist; this year, he launched the most successful crowdfunding site in Taiwan called Free Bird. In addition to music events, Lim has served two terms as chair of Amnesty International Taiwan, a board member of the Memorial Foundation Of 228, and has been active in human rights activities. Freddy has been honored with the President’s Award by Taiwan’s National Cultural Association, and founded New Power Party, a new political party in Taiwan. In less than one year of its founding, the New Power Party has become the third largest party in Taiwan besides the two major political parties. In June, Lim announced his bid for legislature.

The band has decided to hold a Formosa Defenders outdoor concert in Liberty Square in Taipei on December 26th, 2015. The concert will feature all of Chthonic’s classic songs and it will be their largest scale outdoor concert, and fans from around the world are invited to take part.

The remaining four members of the band — bassist Doris Yeh, guitarist Jesse Liu, drummer Dani Wang, and keyboardist CJ Kao — have been supportive of Lim’s ideas, as well as his decision. Therefore, the band collectively decided to hold the Formosa Defenders concert to show their determination to send Lim into the parliament to change Taiwan and change the world.

Chthonic chose the Liberty Square as the venue for the Formosa Defenders concert, because it’s a temple built to worship the dictator Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party [KMT] who later went into exile in Taiwan after being defeated. This well-known location represents the authoritarian regime of the old times that the band references regularly in its music, and also the venue for many social movements. It is, thus, the most suitable location for Chthonic’s twentieth anniversary concert.


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