IMMOLATION – Atonement

Two in a half decades, ten studio recordings and classified as one of the most established, consisted and hard-working Death Metal bands throughout the 90’s, New York outfit Immolation have returned to create their finest, crafted and intelligent albums they’ve ever produced. Released on February 24th 2017 through Nuclear Blast Atonement is the tenth full-length album and is the next continuation following up to 2013’s Kingdom Of Conspiracy. It’s around 49:00 in duration and consists of traditional, relentless and passionately structured of 12 tracks including a re-recorded track titled Immolation. Atonement to me is a reputation of a lifetime meaning the signatured instrumentals, establishing melodies, completed passages of Old School Death Metal refineries and a production so nihilistic, Atonement is best described as maturation at finest.

From the opening track The Distorting Light, to brutalized commandments of Fostering the Divide, The Power Of Gods and Destructive Current, the album not only welcomes back the stylistic and memorable logo from Immolation but the musicality, arrangements and atmospheres are so over the top, the members of Immolation always has been so reliable with their essential craft. From lyricism of Anti-religious, Social Failure, Humanity and Political Propagandas, Atonement continues to demonstrate the overall power and context within the overflowed important improvements that may not necessarily be disappointing to the listener but the album does a fantastic job keeping the song selections very well balanced and sophisticated. The instrumentals are also complemented as the members each use a rhythmical pattern that maintained a employed, frantic, appreciative and outstanding performances keeping each song sounding highly professional. Perhaps one of the album’s strongest point is the chemistry. Robert Vigna, Alex Bouks, Steve Shalaty and vocalist/songwriter Ross Dolan all participated the perfected harmonics and harmonies each represented to the table that easily continues the sound we all know and love from Immolation pinpointing chromatic progressions and few technical interpretations makes Atonement one of Immolation’s best albums in a very long time. Not only I was happy a new album was out but Immolation keep consistency and devoted musical abilities that kept Death Metal energized.

If you haven’t heard of this creation, you’re missing out a Death Metal catalog.

Overall Score: 9/10

Review by Jake Butler



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