2017 for death metal was one of the most explosive years in recent memory and with Georgia’s very own Father Befouled. This is an album I cannot be anymore thankful enough to see them return with a punishing blow with 2017’s Dark Descent Records release of Desolate Gods. Borrowing influences from Immolation and Incantation Desolate Gods is without question the band’s ambitious, thunderous, aggressive and artistic material they’ve ever done in over a decade they’ve been active as musicians.

If you’re familiar with old school death metal with a hint of modernized flair Desolate Gods is described as punishable, doomed, oppressive, explosive, paranoid, hopeless, grinding and claustrophobic as they’ve contributed themselves within the extreme metal scene this is serious top notch musical material. From the band’s black metal inspired guitar riffage, picked progression chords, chaotic blast beat drumming and disgusting vocal deliveries the members from Father Befouled have done such a remarkable job balancing the album’s well mixed production and rightfully outdone themselves musically to bring out innovation and inspiration for death metal to such great heights. If you love Incantation, Immolation, Dead Congregation and Funebrarum you will definitely be in a treat to hear such a well done album that is known as Desolate Gods by Father Befouled.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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