CARACH ANGREN – Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten

Throughout the years, Dutch Symphonic Black Metal band Carach Angren has put their name to the genre that’s not only theatrical but in a sense their devotion for ghost story narrations is absolutely beautiful to discover. Released on June 16th, 2017 through Season Of Mist, Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten is the fifth full-length studio recording and is the continuation to 2015’s This Is No Fairytale. What’s different about this album is the way they combine Symphonic Black Metal with orchestrated, cinematic and very well narrative approach is not only about the engaging music, but each album represents a storytelling philosophy about Dutch history, Ghosts and Legends throughout Netherland’s memories. With tracks such as Charles Francis Coghlan, Three Times Thunder Strikes and my personal favorite being Charlie, The album introduces rainfall and ends with tortured cries in vain with middle beautiful, symphonic Black Metal consists of a extremely well balanced instrumental scheme meaning the instruments from guitars, piano, synth and drums provided the vocals produced by lead vocalist Seregor.

Even the most magnificent pieces of arrangements on secondary half of the record amazes me with properly executed speed and melodies are played at a responsible pace. Now to understand the historical and intelligence Carach Angren uses their lyrics is not only the most authentic, insightful and comprehensible songwriting you’ll hear but each song is directed to portray each characteristic that symbolizes ambitious relationships, classical components and their complimented structures for Symphonic Black Metal is unique in every other sense possible. Even the album’s most highlighted feature is the appreciative soundscapes that’s diverse into the most haunting, darkening and texts are true pillars in the desired heart of every title track showcases the gloomy and magnifying depths of hell, madness, scenes of suicide, evil and organized verses/ courses mode rather ad a declared various episode in different songs. Musical progressions are often rich and deeply complex giving a immerse stifling universe sucking the regularly interspersed passages coming to a disruptive gesture beyond Symphonic Black Metal glory. Both instrumentally and atmospherically the classical blend of symphonies strings, pianos, brass, outstanding composed contrasts and flowing riffs alongside tremolo melodies and aggressive blast beats, the songs evolve into a progress doesn’t stray the fair paces throughout the release. Carach Angren took inspiration to their beloved landmarks and contributed a album so wonderful that it captures cries, screams and beautifully crafted signatures all around the album’s context.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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