DEMON KING – The Final Tyranny

Demon King is a upcoming technical death metal band formed in 2019 by the original Enfold Darkness guitarist and vocalist Matt Brown. Along with him is Inferi and A Loathing Requiem’s Malcolm Pugh and Jack Blackburn, former drummer for Vital Remains and other killer projects. Released through the amazing label known as The Artisan Era, Demon King’s music takes the traditional technical death metal formula with some black metal tendencies as this brand new EP have demonstrated the listener that their musical foundation, influences and chemistry not only forged themselves together to unleash carnage and ruthless pieces of music but to say for a album that only consists of four tracks just sets the mood, atmosphere and soundscapes a memorable and enjoyable experience which is yet to come.

This EP not only relied on the technical death metal arrangements which is the style the band is heavily into, but the moments of hearing songs such as The Watcher, Wreathed In Flame and Tyrannical Reign Of The Deceiver intertwines the glorious compositions where it feels dense, tighter, stronger and even feels more matured sounding since I feel the songs are portioned out perfectly without losing its sense of touch and purpose. Even listening to the album gives me a huge melodic death metal territory where the track Transmutation of the Artilect reminded me of something I would listen to say older Inferi and Arsis due to the melodic and overall progressive melodies which to me personally it balances out the emphasis on the amazing talent and craftsmanship these musicians are relying on is superb in their own musical beliefs.

One thing I love about this EP is not only it’s four tracks filled with compassion, deliverance and astonishing prodigies from the compositions itself, but to give a glance where Demon King is finding their sound and formula to stick to their guns without losing their power or sensitivity. The Final Tyranny brings out the best elements and subgenres of extreme metal to satisfy your listening experience if you want your music to be blackened, melodic and technical especially if you’re fans of Necrophagist, Enfold Darkness, Inferi, Old Man’s Child and Obscura then I would strongly encourage and recommend you give this EP multiple listens to see where your stance is.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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