Formed in 2002 from my hometown in Washington State, Wolves In The Throne Room are a Cascadian Black Metal band who was founded originally by both Aaron and Nathan Weaver, the brothers of this fine establishment. From their stylistic style of nature, environmentalist, destructive, mythological, ritualistic and astral lyricism themed for Black Metal, they’ve returned to make a comeback. With the sixth full-length album Thrice Woven released on September 22nd, 2017 through Artemisia Records, Thrice Woven consists of 5 tracks and just clocking in around 42:00 in duration. Prior to 2014’s Celestite, Thrice Woven is a very well determined and fixating album showcases the band’s traditional and established landscapes of American Black Metal signatures while also incorporating atmospherics and progression into a universe so paralleled you’ll have to listen to the deep narration the album portrays.

From its over blowing instrumentation, melodic synthesizers, technical and appreciative combinations of ritualistic drumming, the members from Wolves In The Throne Room also contributed magnificent sonic illusions that are soothing, aggressive and left rejuvenated passages to be explored. Thrice Woven is not only a continuation for their Cascadian Black Metal landscapes, but it’s a continuation to bring out enjoyment, prosperity and intelligence to get a sense of the band’s return to form. Musically, Thrice Woven is taking elements from Two Hunters and Black Cascade with a very distinctive, authentic, descriptive and raw atmospherics of Black Metal provided a disruptive taste to embrace the evolution the band is making. It really showcases the distinctiveness of pure onslaught and bombardment screeches utilizing crescendos are definitely centralized around different substances and quick paced structures. Overall, Thrice Woven is perhaps the band’s most essential release since Black Cascade and any fans of past material will surely get a kick out of this album.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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