NECROM – All Paths Are Left Here…

The old school death metal movement has never felt so refined in the history of the genre’s existence and in this current era of extreme metal, not only am I very proud and comfortable to be a compassionate fan of the music but everyday new bands are on the horizon to keep the brutality and music afloat. That being said, Necrom are a old school themed death metal band formed in 2018 from Ukraine and to best describe this band is imagine if Asphyx, Entombed, Carnage and early Grave came in the studio to record the most sickening, destructive and tormented style of death metal this is essentially what Necrom is all about. This record is released through Osmose Productions and for a band like Necrom, their music is extremely filled of luxurious headbanging wonders as the music, reputation and appreciation these musicians wanted to create such uncompromisingly heavy and unsettling pieces of death metal have kept me on the edge of my seat to see the maturity and progression these musicians able to create have definitely paid off through and through.

There’s moments on the record where the band heavily incorporates doom styled signatures well as HM2 melodies that is definitely suitable in the mix and I do feel their songwriting and ambitious attitudes have really made a album so versatile, commendable and assaulted. Songs such as The Oldest Horror, Tomahawk Of Bone, Fathers Will Feast and Food For Worms are filled with disgustingly crafted arrangements in which the guitars backing up on the tracks gives it that Hail Of Bullets influence on how raw and distorted these soundscapes all came about.

The vocals, bass, drums and production complement each other as every instrument backing up the record’s destructive type of sound really does show value and compassion into these talented musicians whom are on their way to rise from the underground scene and make moves that will soon to be destined as a lookout for generations to come. All Paths Are Left Here… is everything I love about death metal and truth be told these Ukrainians are about to rock the center stage for years to come.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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