WORMWITCH – Strike Mortal Soil

Vancouver’s very own Wormwitch have released what it appears to be a perfectly loud and clear debut full-length titled Strike Mortal Soil. Their musical sound combines black metal, crust punk and extreme signatures while also incorporating doom and old school style thrash. With Strike Mortal Soil being Wormwitch’s first studio recording they’ve managed to serve different kinds of presentations as their lyricism naturally reflects on proper emotion, passion and perseverance. In a musical and retrospective view, Wormwitch not only created various forms of music to become presentable, but they’ve pushed themselves into the underground community showcasing devoted musicianship and wonderfully crafted production to make the tracks incredibly sharp and crystal clear.

I would say the songs Even the Sun Will Die, And Smote His Ruin Upon The Mountainside and Howling From The Grave introduces furious levels of speed, technicality, progression and destructible leads showing no retaliation as these Canadians not only surprised me to hear such theatrics but their formula is fierce, attractive, entertaining and dynamic. From Emperor-esque guitar riffs, frosted drum work, mid-tempo bass sections and intelligent vocal deliveries, Strike Mortal Soil takes the toll for black metal no matter how intriguing the artwork or songs give analogies but your ears will be smothered in sweetness. Not only is this the beginning of a new era for Vancouver’s Wormwitch but this is an album about emotion, inner strength, futility and beliefs of the human’s nationality is well executed and therefore for a debut album can utilize multiple genres it takes courage and patience to understand their own musical talent.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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