While 2017 for extreme metal had the most brutalized and heaviest years of subgenres, Gamma Sector‘s Nex Omne swallows the innocence of individuals bringing you a album surrounded by billions of intergalactic lifeforms and the sound eternally memorable you’re going to be traveling thousands of miles throughout this band’s incredible full-length. Incorporating elements of slam and deathcore, these musicians obliterated the scene with no overdone repetitiveness from the band’s well polished atmospheres and the breathtaking engagements of inevitable, resurrected, ceaseless and merciless craftsmanship showcases a aura of genre-defying material that sets many differential levels of monumental craft.

Clocking in over an hour in duration, Nex Omne borrows influences of immense and miraculous songwriting bringing nothing but short and chaotic musical compliments that is extremely progressive and polished to absolute perfection. From machine gun blast beats, eviscerated vocal deliveries, terrorizing and tremendous deathcore technicality in between spine-snapping slams and brain-busting breakdowns this not only keeps the listener hooked but for many reasons upon hearing this album is that it’s stylistic to the point you just want to come back listening to it once more. Gamma Sector’s Nex Omne is an unstoppable, world-ending and wonderfully designed extreme metal albums that should not be slept on if you haven’t discovered some of the finest pieces of extreme music today.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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