NECROT – Blood Offerings

There has many great death metal albums of 2017 but when you hear Californian’s Necrot with their full-length debut of Blood Offerings prepare to strap your seat belt and unleash the power of massive brutality. Their sound of traditional death metal brings out groovy sections and heart-pounding mystical instrumentals just crushes your skull front to back. Necrot’s songwriting on this album is absolutely on point as the majority of the songs do not feel automatically forced or competitive to the presentation displayed within the record’s navigation. There’s also some influences ranging from Bolt Thrower, Death, Dismember and hint of Entombed as Blood Offerings prepares to take the listener into a world filled with intelligent, well-written and bringing out best of both worlds to hear a headbanging experience.

Musically, lyrically and progressively these Californian musicians not only take their finest craft and inspired death metal signatures to whole new level but the beautiful arrangements and established roots are highly appreciative. The moment you hear the opening song The Blade to chaotic volumes of Breathing Machine you’ll hear some of the most unrelenting, interesting, intriguing and crushing styles that Necrot has to offer. And for a debut album this is bloody brilliant considering Necrot’s Blood Offerings will be a monumental classic years down the road not for the underground community but any Death Metal fan will stumble themselves underneath their feet to hear astonishing pieces of extreme music. This is highly recommended for any fans of old school death metal with a modern day twist.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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