Deep into the murky swamps, Louisiana’s Golgothan have spreaded their devoted craft into making this gory, gospel, and horrific style of brutal death metal that combined elements of old school, contemporary and have ultimately sacrificed themselves to make this record rather enjoyable front to back. This album is full of catchy hooks, grooves, rightful amounts of technicality and the detail of these musicians able to forge together into this manifesting and disgusting atmosphere really does make the listener feel deserted at times. For a debut full-length by these Louisianans having this released on Lacerated Enemy Records really does show and tell to provide the listener and fans of extreme metal what to fully expect of eviscerating vocals, mid-paced tempos, stylsitic arrangements and production here sounding grotesque as it ever sounded.

Songs such as Bottomless Pit, Teeth To Eat You, Gravy Train and Winged Death really has these eerie, ghoulish and morbid soundscapes as if I were to hear something out of a horror movie with today’s production value as these musicians have really appreciated their compassion and detail into making this monstrous release front to back made me realize how dirty, frantic and discomforting the tracks came out to be is sensational. Even the first handful of songs such as The Rack and the title track Leech really reminded me of a cross hybridization early Aborted, Cattle Decapitation and even some Bloodbath in the mix which seems completely out of the ordinary but I think the way they’ve used the instrumental leads and harmonics are so diverse making it reasonable for me to give credit where its rightfully due. Leech is a feverish, uncontrolled, demented and out of control album that deserves multiple listens.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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